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B City Sunsets

”There are so many different types of sunsets in B City.

Reunion sunsets with Meghterbins

Family sunsets when lunches turn into drinks into dinner

Lover sunsets when you‘re heavily infatuated

Blurry sunsets with the sand in our hair and the liquor in our hands

Car sunsets when you’re running late to a party in Batroun

Sad sunsets where you get in your feels because the wine hit different this time

Hopeful sunsets when we try to convince ourselves that one day Beirut will be alive again”

These pictures showcase Sunsets in Beirut in a nutshell. Its always next level, always extra, always beautiful.

Places to watch the sunset to make sure you have the Beiruti experience :




Le Montagnou

SE by Ocean Blue

La Mezcaleria



Le Yacht Club

C Lounge

Bold Sea Front


Chez Maguy

Pierre And Friends

Colonel Brewery

Four Seasons (Level 26)

Coup D'Etat

La Creperie

Frozen Cherry

Fidar Beach House

Plateaux de Bekish

Tawlet Ammiq



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