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B City on Sundays

We all want to have our own B City, our own secret spots and unique locations. But at end, we realize, we all share the same places, and I think it is something we should start appreciating more. Our city has gems to offer and we should share them so that everyone can enjoy as much as we do.

We might go to the same places to cry, dance, watch the sunset or eat manakish but the memories you make in these "cliche" places are unique to you and you only, and this is what makes these places so special.

These pictures depict Sundays in Beirut in a nutshell. Its always next level, always extra, always too much. Too much food on the table, too much bling on the roads, too much everything.

Places to visit on Sundays to make sure you have the Beiruti experience :

For Breakfast/Brunch :

El Soussi Resto

Zaatar w Zeit

Hajj Nasr


Abou Elias Bakery

Abeille D'or


Sud Resto-Bar

Crunchy Flakes

For Lunch :


Sultan Ibrahim


Kelly's Fish




The Beirut Cellar



For Coffee and Afternoon Drinks :

The Back Burner

Le Trottoir De Paloma


House Of Butlers

Luva Bistro-Bar

Bread Republic

La Menagerie

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