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B City Nights

In Lebanon and in the midst of all the chaos, people use music and dancing to forget all the struggles we face. We still manage to vibe, groove, and dance together through music. More specifically techno “teksir”.

Lebanon has the most amazing scene when it comes to techno music. With artists such as Ziad Ghosn, Jade and Rolbac, our nights are always a tad too loud.

A typical techno night can be described as a “tense” night but in a nice way. In a way where all the stress washes out of your body. In a way where you feel that your heartbeat is synced with the songs' bpms ( beats per minute ) and this specific rythm takes all your worries away.

Everyone sort of forms their own bubble and releases all the bad energy in them.

These moments turn into immaculate memories.

I remember the first time I got into Gärten underage ( obviously ) that alone for me was INSANE. The adrenaline rush I had in me was crazy!

I stood there and just stared at everyone vibing on their own, and I decided to go with the flow of the crowd and I think that was the best decision I had ever made. Until today, I look back at these moments in my life and I constantly relive them when I listen to techno songs at home or wherever I may be. I always remember the crowd full of life trying to free their minds from negative while dancing. Together we dance and feel united. Vibing is what’s keeping us together, holding us as one...

Music has no social background, just love, life, and a bunch of grooves.

Places to go to experience the best and grooviest techno nights :

The Garten







The Grand Factory

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