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B City Love

We love Beirut, we really do. What we love a little less: Beirut’s fawda. Living in Beirut’s fawda might sound like a sex scene to some. Beirut is so hectic it makes you want to scream. Beirut is so intense it makes you want to pull your hair. Beirut is so overwhelming sometimes it feels like you can’t even let out a sigh… but when you finally do, you love it even more. Thing is, you can’t let sex turn into something bad. Or else, you’re f***ed. In every sense of the word.

If you find yourself in a position (no pun intended) that makes you uncomfortable, that makes you feel uneasy, well, it is time to take a pill. I meant a chill pill, obviously. How do you find peace and calmness, in a place where you are constantly out of breath? How do you make a solace out of this unsatisfying feeling? By taking a break. Not from the city, not from Beirut, but from the things you usually do. You don’t want to take a break? You “don’t-have-time-to-take-a-break-because-you-have-so-many-things-to-do-and-you-can’t-rest-if-you-don’t-get-these-things-done” ? Move these things up and down your schedule but please, I am begging you, spend some time on yourself. You need it. The world needs it.

For you to be able to be the best version of yourself, first, you have to be. And to be (other than not “not to be”), you need to love yourself.

Wakeup before sunrise and take a walk on the corniche. Then buy a kaake from the old man. He’ll smile for days thinking someone new, someone different bought a kaake from him. That already is enough to make you feel better. Take pics while the sun rises from behind the mountains, take pics to immortalise the breath you’ll be taking, and to remember how good it feels.

On a sunny afternoon, not too cold not to hot, in may, go to the Sioufi garden. Sit on a bench with a book, with a sketchbook, or just with your curious pair of eyes. And absorb the good vibes that emanates from children’s laughters.

“Please badde wahdet sunset Ksara” … “Adde bet rid?” … “Merci”. Then type this on google maps “33.9063749, 35.5021591”, and go there … Enjoy. Take a deep breath. Can you feel it? The magic, the mystery?

That’s when you know the Beirut you love made her way into your soul again.

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