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B City goes to Batroun

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

These past two years have really been big in terms of Staycations.

What makes our hearts happy when it comes to staycations in Lebanon is that we're supporting local businesses and giving them the love they deserve.

There are thousands of guides for Batroun, but we strongly believe you'll relate to this one if you belong to the B City family.


Biomass Restaurant

Furn Koko for the best brioche ( pre-order it on Whatsapp, we know it sounds ridiculous but it's THAT good )

Furn Merchak for the best mne2ich ( please take the Akkawi & Spinach )

Ray's for a lavish Lebanese breakfast

Bolero has a 8.5/10 burger

Nowhere Beach has crazy chicken strips and an amazing lemonade ( better than the most overrated Hilmi's )

Bistreau for really good seafood

Dany's Beach Restaurant

Mariolino for a cool comfort pizza

Georges Maalouf's infamous seafood sandwich

Pierre Y Amigos for the best mexican



Bolero, cliché

Titan's is ok but looks good, 6.5/10

Chez Maguy, so homey and good vibes



Salty Sailor


Pierre and Friends

Funky Fish


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